Music and sounddesign

(There are 2 animations below) Music and sounddesign are equally important means of conveying or reinforcing a message in film or animation. For example, music can set a specific atmosphere and sound-design can accentuate different actions in the animation.

How the bear lost his tale

Asya Golubjatnikova wanted music and sound for her animation film, that tells the story about how the fox tricked the bear into losing his tail. For the music, I researched a lot of gypsy music and composed my own score. The score accentuates and  underlines what happens in the film. I chose to forego the music during the scene at the lake, to highlight the sounds that are important there. All sound effects were recorded in the studio. For instance I used a plastic bag to mimic the sound of snow (paws of the fox, fishes dropping etc.) 

Animation by Asya Golubjatnikova

Old stuff activated

Boudewijn Krielaars wanted music and sounddesign for his stop-motion animation film. I researched different genres : 80’s hiphop and dubstep where I incorporated the iconic wistle from ‘the good the bad and the ugly’ soundtrack. The other music compositions don’t refer to a secific genre, but serve as background music. All of the soundeffects were recorded in a studio with the actual items you see in the video.

Animation by Boudewijn Krielaars