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for you, your company, organisation, brand or event
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Get a complete visual package for you, your company, organisation, brand or event:

  1. Talk about your ideas
  2. logo
  3. corporate identity
  4. printed matter
  5. Website
  1. photography
  2. video
  3. animation
  4. music
  5. sounddesign
if you’re interested in just one of the things mentioned above, I am also happy to help you.

I am a versatile designer who can help you in multiple areas:

concept development

I always start by listening to my clients and the ideas of my potential clients. I frame questions to clarify these ideas and help shape the brief. I generate a concept that fits the client’s wishes.

Graphic design

I am highly motivated and passionate about the power of good design to make the world a better place. I am saddened when I see bad or poorly executed design and I help my clients to understand the value of good design.


The feedback I receive from clients tells me I have an original eye for detail. When I take photographs I always search for those details, that others wouldn’t even notice.


I have worked independently, creating websites in the past, but now I know I deliver even better quality outcomes working closely with skilled web-developers.

film and Animation

Film and animation are great ways to convey a message quickly. An atmosphere is easily created in film and a great advantage of animation is that it lends itself to capturing abstract ideas.

Music and Sounddesign

I think music and sound-design are equally important means of conveying or reinforcing a message in film or animation. For example, music can set a specific atmosphere and sound-design can accentuate different actions in the animation.

Saar is a hard working, passionate and super creative allround designer! I have worked with her on various projects where she always overdelivered, whether it was her animation work, videography, sound design or graphic design. 10/10 would recommend!
Jorrit Schaap
Jorrit Schaap
In working with Saar, I have experienced her ability to listen as one of her strongest attributes. She has been able to translate my vision into the most spot-on visualisation. She is exceptional in her willingness to exceed her customer's expectations, is very reliable in managing those expectations, and not shy to challenge her customers to join her in thinking outside of the box. She is a joy to work with.
Florine van everdingen
Florine van everdingen
Saar took care of the complete branding of AJU paraplu, including the design of the logo, the website and all the photography. I can most certainly recommend her and it’s a joy to work with her.
Daniël Fransman
Daniël Fransman
AJU Paraplu

For ideas or questions, please contact me and I will get back to you

06 300 69 729
Admiralengracht 287-3 | 1056 EA | Amsterdam